’Twas a memorable ride…

Roadside dhabas are budget-friendly. The food is great. Coca-cola, chips, toffees, cigars, cigarettes, the entire feeling is bohemian. It was an August morning when a group of like-minded individuals materialized an impromptu road-drive. The road’s prettier than any flower shop. 

The thing about theses dhabas, despite its services, they don’t cater to the hygiene of the visitors. The restrooms are (ugh) and dirty. The wash-basins chocked with drools of spit. (You CANNOT use it.) Of course, it would have been very unappealing of them if they didn’t wash their hands before a meal. It’s a ritual.

But to everyone’s shock, the least interested member of the gang (the founder of the company) had taken a bottle of hand sanitizer with him which he initially bought to stash cigarette smell off his hands from his mother. The hero of the group saved everyone during that trip and then started with the idea of introducing the facility to other people. It escalated quickly when they kicked off with the launch of sanitizer sachets directing towards the creation of more pocket-friendly brands when customers started demanding for varieties.

It wasn’t late for the start-up to realize that they were providing aid and flavor to various kinds of drives and initiatives that conceptualizes the idea of sanitization across nations and not just a mere business to transact money off. (It's a happy-happy feeling!)The company, with its ultimate intention of sanitization facilities to be reached to every commonality now, caters to other healthcare products such as hand-wash, intimate wash, etc., concerning the needs of its customers.

 Pocket Inc, based in New Delhi, India, efforts to make hygiene and sanitation a matter of convenience rather than a hassle. Besides, what matters to the venture is to provide class A services to its patrons.

We care!

Hop on with our journey towards a sustainable and sanitized future!



Pocket Inc. was devised as an initiative to fit the essentials of day-to-day life in the pocket-sized health-care routine of the people of today. 

 In this generation of the millennials, where the tortoise doesn’t win the race, the old ones, as well as the new ones, get their hands on contaminants from the outside environment. (We have created this poison). The effort is to make hygiene a matter of convenience rather than a hassle. As a solution to this, Pocket Inc. has come up with a range of products in a size so small that it would merge comfort with healthy rituals. The Hand-Sanitizer acts as a savior. 



We are keen believers of "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" and our mission to make hygiene a matter of a daily ritual rather than a privilege. The vision is to provide the relevant solutions to your unhealthy habits and we wish to gather everyone in lending a shoulder to our intention of 'SANITIZATION-MAXIMIZATION' keeping in mind the degrading balance in the ecosystem.


Association with hospitality industry

Catering to the hype of the online shopping market, the long-lasting effect of our products is bound to provide a sense of comfort and a fragrant aura to the guests at your venue. 



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